Jazz Xpressions & the “Durban Experience”


“Contemporary African Jazz Aesthetic”


To be the leading jazz lifestyle in Africa through unique and relevant programming characterized by a significant South African art food and music aesthetic in order to build a cutting edge contemporary JAZZ DESTINATION.


To bring back JAZZ heritage in terms of presenting quality jazz programming

The medium

  JAZZ & VISUAL ART Expression

Key objectives:

Sustainability through the creation of an appealing business strategy, leading tourism and social development through content delivery and new marketing appeal

Values (Passion)


Our love of the evolvement and development of South African indigenous music ideas from traditional to modernity and impacting on the world is what drives us to seek to make a difference


As a conduit and support of the music, its related art forms; our heightened sense of awareness fuels our desire to make a positive and meaningful contribution


We are driven by a greater need to make a difference in advancing the developmental objectives and needs of our culture and heritage.